Ankle Grazers –  Endless Style


Ankle grazers are now worn universally and are pretty much a standard look for your wardrobe.Worn with flats, kitten heels, ankle grazers or cropped pants are great as in jeans or pants and are perfect fro summer right through to autumn.

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Different pant lengths suits different shoes, so if you are going to wear your ankle pants then you should show more ankle, they are meant to show a little bit of skin, so when you’re wearing flats and the bridge of your foot is parallel to the ground, it’s downplayed and so makes your style of pants more playful and intentional and this is more to the point when you wear oxfords.


You can go higher or lower with your trousers lengths there is no ankle-length territory, the point of ankle grazers is that you need to show that you have chosen this style on purpose, you are telling the world that you know how long exactly where they are meant to end and how you want to wear them. Ankle grazers can be worn with jeans on the weekend whilst touring your favourite shops, so very French, no?

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Or create a contemporary suit for the office with black ankle length dress pants, a beautiful camisole and matching blazer. Add a pair of 2-3 inch heels and you will look slender and confident. This look will go from season to season, it simply depends on the separates that you pair it with.


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