Well spotted

Well spotted


Forget stripes, and florals, why not go spotty and dotted this season. Dots are the ‘in’ pattern and can be a great way to update your wardrobe. Smaller dots are perfect for petites and big dots should only be worn with one item save you looking like you’re going to a fancy dress.

8 3

Dainty polka dots can be as cute as you want on an all over printed dress or even trousers, but with this pattern keep all your looks simple, as they can be fun and playful but sometime can look a little too much. Fussy, flouncy styles styles can make this classic pattern look dated.

12 2

Many celebrities are favouring this pattern, by choosing the classic black and white  patter, like Emma Roberts or a forest green spotted look like Scarlet Johanssen. Team your look with a tailored jacket for a smart on-trend look or to create an effortlessly attire.


If you choose the monochrome look add some colour like red, in shoes or a handbag, but however you want to wear this look we’re sure that you are going to go dotty for this pattern this season!

voi 1


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