Sandals for Summer

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Warmer weather require colour shoes, and now it’s acceptable to wear sandals with shorts and yes, may we even say it your work-wear.  Sandals have been worn since before records began with these guys being dapper before fashion became fashionable.

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Sandals are great for the summer, but don’t be afraid to wear them, embrace the look and give them a go but think of them as practical and fashionable rather than footwear that you think you need to wear just because it’s warm.

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So what to wear, well we always have the obligatry shorts and tee when on a vacation, and then sandals come into their own, as you don’t want to wear chunky shoes in hot weather, even sneakers may look acceptable but who wants hot feet. Rule of thumb, l;eave the socks in the draw, it’s a total off-put to see men with pulled up socks and sandals.

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When it comes to summer sandals, some can be downright ugly, chunky or hippy and the fine line is to get the look just right. Always chose leather, as it will always look smarter that cheap counterparts and will look perfect with linen trousers and white jeans or shorts. But don’t forget that if you choose the right pair of sandals, you can make them as versatile as you want in your summer wardrobe.

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