50 Shades of Grey


Looking to go grey? Well, how about the most versatile of colure a grey suit, it’s the coolest and most indestructible suit of all. And to be honest, there are many styles and colour shades of grey , and if you choose well, this suit could see your from collecting your diploma to sitting at the boardroom. The best shade, probably a mid grey, and this would be a great way to start your new look, as it take you from ‘suit’ occasions to back in the office. \


But maybe you are thinking, what do I wear with a grey suit, pairing it with a crisp white shirt, and black or brown shoes, but with a grey suit you can venture out and add floral shirt, soft blues and pastel pink shirts will do very nicely, and try a little  gingham check in black, blue red or pink, and striped ties will help to bring the colour to life.

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If you want to wear a black gingham shirt, try it with a knitted dark red tie and black shoes, perhaps for a Monday at work, spice up your look with a waistcoat, it’ll give you a “pulled together” look. If you prefer to wear stripes then go for it, go for a blue striped shirt and navy blue tie, but just remember to stick to one pattern, so if you have a patterned shirt keep the tie solid to anchor the whole look or vice versa.


Wear the jacket and trousers separate if you want, throw on a jacket on your way out is a great way to add structure to whatever outfit you have on, and suit trousers are great items to wear with your t-shirts to create a slightly different take on smart-casual.

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