Denim Date

Denim Date


It’s always been a men’s shirt staple, but the denim shirt this season has come into it’s own with a multitude of ways that it can be worn, now not just for a casual look but acceptable in the office. Now you can wear a denim shirt that will make you think beyond the options of jeans only, not wanting to wear that double denim, try cords, moleskins and chinos in a contrasting colour.

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Even wearing a denim shirt with tracksuit bottoms will make you get that laid-back LA look, which is one celebrities look, David Beckham has created signature weekend wear. Denim is ingrained with the very core of menswear, jeans, jackets  that lasts from season after season. But there is a knack too wearing denim, and to get the double-denim look right, and that’s to wear it with a smart jacket or camel coat, a colour that works very well with navy, and don’t forget that the two denims should technically be of different hues.

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Introduce a smart but casual look to take you thorough summer and winter, and if you think about how and where you want to go, a denim shirt is perfect for any occasion, and set the tone for you. And the type of shirt, well heavyweight Western shirts and great in cooler months for pulling off a laid-back easy day , due to it’s masculine look, and they are usually slim-cut, and sometime embellished with a little touch of cowboy.


So whether used as a layering or stand-alone piece, denim shirts are a truly modern and very on-point way to step up your casual looks but also your smarter side and from business-casual to relaxed everyday looks, the dmim shirt is set to become and important addition to your capsule wardrobe.



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