Miu Miu Pre Fall 2015 Collection


Miu Miu. The new Pre Fall 2015 Collection is all about a timely back-to-school vibe. Starring Estella Boersma from Holland, this Dutch beauty is just perfect for this campaign. With the shoot juxtaposes between classic shots and close ups of the model, making ordinary objects come to life. This back-to-to-school campaign shows a collection of leather, in satchels and bags, perfect for the scholarly girls.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 15.34.34This pretty Dutch model come with pulled up socks, gorgeous neck scarves and laced up shoes, topped off with dainty skirts and swing coats, all making the mundane come magically alive.

Estella-Boersma-Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-08-620x834 estella-boersma-miu-miu-pre-fall-2015-3 Estella-Boersma-Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-04-620x837 estella-boersma-miu-miu-pre-fall-2015-4

The floral prints are taken from vintage upholstery and applied to sleeveless sweaters and cardigans, shorts inspired from boy scout uniforms, slick rain jacket in crocodile printed ciré, offset with shorts. Slouchy socks, in silk and knee high, coming between that playful school like look but also sexy and ladylike style. The whole campaign was shot by British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth who chose well with his styling. Miuccaia Prada‘s first choice, believing him to be a great fit for the campaign.

Estella-Boersma-Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-02-620x836 estella-boersma-miu-miu-pre-fall-2015-1

Jamie Hawkesworth made the whole campaign full of stunning colours, and Estella Boersma has the beauty that fits the campaign beautifully, giving the whole campaign the mood, and sense of nostalgic school halls, making the mundane come alive, giving you a feeling that you will hear the school bells for recess.

estella-boersma-miu-miu-pre-fall-2015-2 estella-boersma-miu-miu-pre-fall-2015-5

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