Oversized is Big


Every girl loves an oversized bag, it’s an important part of women’s accessories to carry everything, even though there is probably enough room for their wardrobe sink. But, saying that, oversized bags are so to for this season, and it works for you both as a style statement and practically in your everyday life. Gigantic bags loomed along the runways, virtually taking over form the models, and yes it’s all about oversized handbags.



Considering you have the ability to fit all your need in one handbag, it seems this trend keeps coming back for a valid reason space. We are talking about an extremely large bag and terrible useful no matter if we are using it for going to work, paying a visit to our closest friend or at the supermarket. Having one bag like this one in your closet is absolutely mandatory.

8 yt

So take your pick of glamorous but practical bags before someone else does. Supersized handbags hold the key to a massive fashion statement. Good news is,  these bags can hold anything, from lipsticks, to shoes, a small weekend get away items, just name it. Super-sized handbags hold the key to this elusive fashion conundrum.

5 1

They look fabulous and in this super-size scale your hard-earned purchase will be hard to miss, but even better, their maxed-out capacity means they can hold all of your worldly possessions. From oversize leather totes to fur-covered clutches, there was a bevy of bags that we can’t wait to snap up come SS15.


Shop your oversized bag at Shop at Voi



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