Broaden Your Jeans Repertoire


How do you wear your jeans, what’s your preferred colour, slim fit, skinny, tapered, wide, ripped bleached, the list is endless. There are so many choices to make as designers are always striving for a better fit, cut and fabric and a more rugged look.

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What to look for, well the denim should be traditional, and maybe mid-weight, it’s a great classic look that’s all masculine and perfect for any occasion. A slightly wide, straight leg is the optimal cut at the moment, tailored but not too tight, no boots cuts and definitely no tapering on the legs.

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A great colour to stick to is dark, unwashed denim, it’s a traditional colour that suits all ages, and is as versatile with most clothes from day-to-night. So if your unsure of colours, then just keep to this colour, you can’t go wrong. The good news that it’s easy to keep your jeans in great shape, keep that rugged, worn in look with this seasons patterned shirts and unstructured jackets.

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Men and their jeans are rather inseparable, so classic jeans can go along way in any wardrobe, but it’s of no surprise that’s men denim trends move more slowly than women’s trends, as the majority of guys are sticking to a few key style. So nows the time to broaden your jeans repertoire.


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