Back to the 70s


Get a throwback to the 70s with this seasons fab trend. With great seventies influences from Saturday Night Fever and days of hippy love, it’s a fab fashion trend that everyone will just love, from young to old. With nautical accents, khaki, hippy deluxe jeans, patchworks, vintage prints.


warmer days within add billowing boho tops, and flowing skirts. We are now into the modern Seventies that represents a nostalgic look for a simpler, and pre digital time in our fast moving life.


With sporty touches that don’t require  gym membership , off shoulder gypsy loving looks that old favourite of gingham checks, this trend with influence fashion and the lifestyle that you lead. A clean and minimilistic take of the 70s. Suede, swirls, and a whole load of embellishment will take you right back into 1977.



With retro tailoring, jackets and blazers are beautifully fitted, with jeans and trousers tight fitting to the knee then great flares, and also comes the seventies preppy style, primary soft colours. Black and white was a prominent colour pattern in the seventies  so this will be another fabulous trend to follow for that era. So if you love this look then it’s not hard and fast in th fashion world that you follow it to the tee.


Go for flares and a fitted jacket or wear that simple black and white shift dress with vibrant shoes, or even get your hair bluffed up into a bouffant hairstyle. However you feel like following this fashion trend, it’s fun and fabulous and looks o darn good it’s worth taking a moment out just to remind yourself how good it really is.


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