Will You be Sporting Gladiators?

aho e12

Will you be sporting gladiator sandals this season, as to be honest you can never go wrong with a great pair of strappy sandals! Gladiator sandals can both  casual and very dressy, they can take a pair of jeans from dull to ‘look-at-me’ and make a simple LBD look rather exotic.

6 jacket

They look absolutely great with everything, from mini skirts, jeans to maxi dresses, shirts and frilly little dresses, and of course that little black dress for the evening! Choose the right colour and like tan gladiators to go with white and white gladiators to go with blue, yellow and red and of course black.

shop 1 4

Whilst most gladiators are in leather, now you can go that bit further in looks, with patent leather, rattan, and in such a variation of colours you will be spoilt for choice. Also don’t always think that gladiator sandals are over the knee, or knee length, they come in the cutest of shoe looks.

shoe 3

These trendy sandals bring the eye down to your feet and legs, so make sure that your nails are painted nicely and your heels are smooth. But be bold this summer, wear them with what you want, it’s a perfect way to upgrade your shoe style this season and will make you stand out from the crowd. The shoes are perfect for day-to-night and will add that edgy look to a chic dress. Spruce up your daytime jeans with gladiator shoes and a tailored jacket for a trendy statement look.

shoe 5 legs kate

Shop at Voi for your killer gladiator heels this summer

Women Sandals


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