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This spring we’re not going nautical, but we are going striped. So get your big striped dresses out and be bold enough to stomp the streets in another fabulous fashion trend. So designers are taking a linear approach to what we will be eating this spring and summer. Clash the stripes with whatever you want, pair them together, thick, thin, horizontal. Vertical sideways or mix-matched,  and we’re seeing designers mix it up in all directions, weight and colour.

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Also in varying thickness and directions, stripes are creating a structured 70s inspired vibe. Stripes are in colours and black and white, and with geometric shapes that flatter every woman’s figure. and this season textures come in sophisticated silks and chiffon, and electrifying colour palettes, dynamic panelling, and near limitless ways to wear the vibrant print.


This season the catwalk trend came with hip-hop influences breton sweater stripes, sporty classics oversized bermudas and sweaters, sneakers, sandals that match the looks. Sio when it comes to your everyday wardrobe, if stripes are already in rotation, then it is time to to revamp up your style. But for those that are worried about wearing stripes with their figure, the good news is that this season they are coming as we have said before in many different styles.



Go for a top with a difference, or wear a pin stripe skirt suit that will make everyone look twice, it will give you a sexy signature aesthetic. and maybe with confidence this look will definitely be for the office.


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