Blazer: The New Tee


Blazer or a short jacket are the mainstay of any women’s wardrobe. Perfect for the spring/summer when a coat is just to heavy and cumbersome. But there is a way to wear them with style as there is a rise in the popularity of more casual clothing. And sometimes the simpler the jacket the more bright the focus can be on the clothes underneath, and they are also a great way to break up a look if you need to tone down the colours.

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It is worth knowing that you should not try to get a jacket that is to masculine or severe, and jacket that will accentuate your least favourite features. Versatile blazers should be simple in cut and colour, to mix and match your wardrobe, and a couple of good solid colours will go along way. But on saying that, if you prefer to wear solid colours a bright and textured jacket is a perfect compliment.


As for lengths, there is cropped, long and fitted, so you can choose the style and length that will suit your body the best. And also there is different fabrics, from silk, to wool, cotton, organza linen and of course leather.



So how do you think you would style your blazer, as long as you feel comfortable and feel that it hits your daily wardrobe, then blazers are the new tees!


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