Sneaker Up this SS15


Don’t be put off from wearing sneakers on a day out as every daycould start to feel like a throwback Thursday, at least where the footwear is concerned, so ‘90s low-tops are back in force. Even if you don’t think that you’re a sporty type, adding some cool sneakers to your shoe collection with give you great feet and cool-chic.




Add them to jeans, well that’s a normal everyday look, but not when you wear a statement coat or jacket and a very good looking, as this will take you from ordinary to extraordinary style cred. Go with a dress and sneakers especially if you are out on a shopping day and don’t want to wear heels, and sneakers are pretty stylish nowadays.

5 2

So the new look for spring is ladylike with a twist. You can update your office-wear suits with a pair of timeless kicks. Keep this demure hemlines in check by forgetting the prim and proper and adding some cute sneakers for a quirky fashion take. And sneakers could be anything but boring, we’re talking brilliant white, floral, snakeskin print, animal print, high-shine black and red, and camo for a cool twist. Girls you need to go for it!3 6

The high point will be summer, so get pout the shorts and little mini skirts add a brute tee and sneakers, perfect for running about on errands, and just enjoying easy breezy days and also by shelving your stilettos.


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