Jungle Fever: Reptile Handbags


 Looking for a new bag this season, then how about something a little different like a reptile handbag. Whether you favour a clutch, cross body, tote, succumb to this season’s hottest look and get into spring’s jungle fever with a faux snakeskin or croc bag. Reptile skins hints are some of the ethereal and never-fading alternatives to a plain bag and will add just an edgy twist and colour to your style.


And on this note, it is better to combine this kind of handbag to a monochrome and monotone style so you don’t overload your total finished look. But on the other hand if you are wild and daring, then go for it, flash the prints and colours and mix-and-match all the ways handbags play a major role to the creation of an outfit.

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Carrying a reptile handbag makes a confident business lady, and for the evening will offset that little black dress beautifully and add a touch of the exotic gives that night time handbag look chic vibe. Snakeskin or croc gives a bag an upgrade as it’s far more interesting than a block colour, it’s long lasting, it’s timeless and it gives a lovely contesting colour to your look and most of all it can virtually be worn with anything,  AND it looks expensive.


This is the most important accessory for you this season so go for it and upgrade you handbag wardrobe with something a little more exciting.


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