Silver High Shine


This spring we have already talked about pastels being one of the main colours, but there is another colour creeping  in that is the perfect compliment for all colours: silver! From accessories to clothing, it may not be to everyone’s taste or holiday uniform but we like it!



Silver adds a touch of glamour and is an edgy colour that captures the light perfectly and makes the transition from any colour that you are wearing from sugary sweet to cool. So from  heels to bags, jackets to dresses, there is something light and delicate about silver, and to wear it , just add some silver heels to a jeans look, or to that perfect little black dress to add some glitz and glamour to a simple look.


Silver looks gorgeous with green and grey and another perfect way to wear it is with a handbag, it will just add a touch of pop to the outfit without going over the top and it’s weary to just add and trade up your neutral outfits for a silver one. And even think about adding some matching silver eyeshadow as a smokey eye look with a touch of silver for a super chic evening look.


So make like the celebrities and inject some high shine metallics to your wardrobe this season, banish the dull colours from being too bland, you may be surprised just how gorgeous a touch of silver will look this spring.


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