Back to Black: Trousers to Live In


We all have a pair or two of black pants/trousers in our wardrobe, and although they may stay there or be brought out for formal occasions, there is a way to take dull to fabulous with a few simple fashion tricks. We love black pants you can really, truly live in are elegant when worn in the right way.


Sometimes, you regard them as boring, but with a piece of statement jewellery, or a pop of colour with a handbag or just worn with a simple white shirt, they can become the post standout piece in your wardrobe. So always buy quality fabrics, as black can soon looked worn out, so expensive fabrics will give your trousers a posh vibe.

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Daytime chic, wear with a blouse and a sharp blazer over loose fit wide leg pants. Want to wear them  for a casual look, pair with a cardigan that’s super bright and a cute pair of pumps. It’s important that if you can, have pockets, they look super sophisticated and so chic with one hand in a pocket and the other holding a sophisticated handbag.


 Get happy on a Monday morning. Somehow getting into workweek will seem a much better place when you have that air of Parisian chic with expensive looking jewellery + posh bag + classic heels that will give a classic, rich, professional look.


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