Blue Shoes for a New You


Want to make a break from wearing black shoes this spring? Then why not try wearing bright blue shoes, because if your your outfit has colour in it, your footwear can be any shade of that colour. So you have found at Shop at Voi a gorgeous pair of heels in a stunning shade of blue, and so what, you say will I wear them with.

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If you want to wear your new shoes with black, then go black and blue, as black is an all purpose neutral and will give black a very sophisticated look. Blue also looks fabulous against yellow, it gives a vibrant look for spring and summer, and it’s probably a colour combination that you wouldn’t think of putting together.

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White, well any colour looks gorgeous against white, a pretty top and white jeans, or a white skirt for work with contrast shoes, with white, blue is perfect. Go tan or khaki, wear blue shoes for a timeless classic look. An outfit will be surprisingly enlivened with a splash of colour, giving you a look of sophistication.

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For a casual day, skinny jeans paired up with some striking blue shoes a shade lighter or darker than the denim jeans is a spring to summer no-fail look, or wear with a pretty floral skirt, even add it it to a vibrant blue coat for total co-ordination. So go for it, and liven up your shoe wardrobe!


Shop at Voi for all your blue shoes for this spring/summer


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