Dolce & Gabbana SS15 Campaign


A fabulous flamboyant collection from Dolce & Gabbana, looking back on the Spanish rules Sicily of 1526 and 1713 when Sicily was ruled by Spain. This was a history lesson about the turbulent past of the island, and this campaign featured  ‘nonnas’ a Spanish bullfighter and a handful of top models.

dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign05 dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign04 dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign07 dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign10 dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign08 novaya-reklamnaya-kampaniya-dolce-gabbana-vesna-leto-20152

Dolce & Gabbana  did what they do best, beautiful embroidered clothes in excess and kitsch detailing awash with Castillian gold, and abundance of black lace, carnations, and bejewelled detailing that took a nod to Spain. The SS15 campaign featured Bianca Balti, Vittoria Ceretti, Irina Sharipova, Blanca Padilla, Travis Cannata, Xavier Seranno, and Misa Patinsky and 28 years old bullfighter José Maria Manzanares.

novaya-reklamnaya-kampaniya-dolce-gabbana-vesna-leto-20155 dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign10 novaya-reklamnaya-kampaniya-dolce-gabbana-vesna-leto-20153 dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign03 dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign12

Shot on cobbled streets, where the models came out with little satin bags and the men in a pink matador jacket with great coil detailing and gem encrusted jeans and the finale sees the models wearing red satin puffed shorts embroidered with flowers and topped off with crisp white shirts. So everything from columns of black lace to corsets and bullfighter jackets all added up to the Dolce & Gabbana Carmen look, ruffled polka dot dresses with the D&G signature black brassiere on top.

dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign06 dolce-gabbana-spring-summer-2015-ad-campaign13

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