Winter Grey: So Very Versatile


If the designers could come up with a colour this season, it would be winter grey, A very versatile colour it’s perfect to mix and match with any opposite colour that you like.This shade comes with all different hues from dark to light. Aluminium, a futuristic steel grey, to dark misty grey, from dark charcoal to silver flecked graphite, this d]shades may be cool in looks but it is hotting up this winter.



So if you don’t always feel like dressing up in bright colours add some grey as you can have fun with this colour. Grey is a classic tone that combines simplicity and balance, but if you wear it right it does’nt have to be that boring colour. Think grey and red, grey and black, grey and cream, and mixing it with yellow is fabulous.


Take a grey sweater dress and add a statement neon belt with knee high boots, or out for dinner, add a grey sequin blouse with a striking red skirt and heels. While prints and flowers will add a playful element to your wardrobe a classic grey coat will add beauty to your winter wear. Don’t be afraid to add some bright accessories to you grey look, striking boots or shoes, and statement handbag, a flashy scarf, they way to wear grey is endless, so embrace this colour, go for it, wear it, embrace it and most of all enjoy it.


 Shop the grey look with Shop at Voi for for statement look.

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