Studs and Spikes SS15


\They never seem to go out of fashion, but studs and spikes will always be somewhere in our daily lives, and this season it’s stud and spike life! From shoes, clutches, to dresses, biker jackets and belts, we wants studs on everything. And studs come in all shapes and sizes, from cones to spikes flat heads and pyramids, and in fabulous colours, but this season maybe the colour is going to be rose gold.


There is nothing more sexy that a studded dress, as they have the ability to toughen up any good-girl image and inject that much needed fashion edge top your look. Studs and spikes can be added to any situation and you will comes up trumps, to five your look an instant boost and can be added to your pastel and delicate feminine wardrobe just as easily. From hard hitting killer heels to that handbag that screams ‘look at me’.

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But this is a great way to add some studs and spikes to your look if you don’t want to go the whole way, some shoes, whether flats, boots or heels,  a cool leather jacket, or just a bag, some accessories will be enough to show good-girl-gone-bad. Studs are slightly more glamorous than spikes and this is a great option if you want to rock the trend this season! So don’t be afraid to get your stud and spike look, however you want to wear it this SS15.


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