Get The Winter Baby Blues


What colour will you be wearing this season, well were here to tell you that whatever the weather, it’s time to get into the pastels, and the colour that we have chosen is baby blue! From heavenly macaroons, to sweet sorbets, soft fairy floss and delicate baby blues, these delectable pastel hues are here to sweeten up your winter. Pastel hues are back in early 2015 and we’re talking layering and what an opportunity to mix and match pretty pastels with other trending hues.

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Splice up the delicate pastel clothing with a whisper of a totally contrasting shade, this make for a recipe of fashion success. So think this baby blue in your seasonal wardrobe with pastel coats, soft-hued knitwear, light dresses, and strong tailoring. So how will you wear this colour, we would say to mix baby blues with earthy neutrals like camel and beige, sand and warm browns, and complementing any shade of baby blues, and they do come in different shades, with light or dark grey, as this will make a fashion colour instant statement.

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This colour is a lot more versatile that you think, so don’t always think of it in jeans, or denim, it’s perfect if you want to play up the pastel hue with a lot of white for an ethereal,  super-luxurious and super-feminine look. Aim for timeless simplicity and just add a bold lip to balance off the look.


 Shop your baby blues with Shop at Voi for the perfect on-trend colour for your wardrobe.

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