Suit + Trainers: New Look


Not always do you want to wear your suit with smart shoes, just sometimes on a suit day off you want to try wearing them with trainers or if you wish sneakers. Suits nowadays are well fitted and slim fit, so wearing them with trainers is a perfect way to add the old with the new and get a great new style. There are some simple rules though, don’t go reaching for a bold window pane check suit, just yet.


Keep the suit plain and simple and this is because a bold colour or pattern on a suit should be that the focal point is on the suit and not competing with the trainers. Try and stick with traditional colours, black, grey, khaki, navy and if you want to go for a bolder colours, dark red, mustard and green. And don’t forget to lose the office look, you don’t need to wear a tie with your suit, a smart piece of knitwear or cool shirt will do.



When it comes to trainers, make sure you’re on point. No old scruffy ones, but go for pristine white, navy or black to achieve the most success. Keeping things simple with your shops will transition from smart to casual much simpler. Stick with classics as the overall look should be slight touches to the overall look, and as a matter of fact, wearing trainers with a suit and wearing it well will be more than enough.


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