Loafers: The Versatile Shoe


This season try to wear loafers, if you haven’t already got a few pairs in your wardrobe right now. Originated from Norway, they have more of and Italian flair and they are really perfect to wear with any style go from casual; looks in smartening up jeans and a t-shirt. Undeniably preppy, loafers comes in a complete varying array of styles, from plain to tasselled and a great way to wear shoes if you don’t want to wear socks.

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If you want to wear loafers with a suit, nowadays it is perfectly acceptable, it wasn’t a look that you would do a few years ago as trends are constantly evolving. Loafers are now versatile enough to wear the whole year round, but keep the suede ones mainly for summer and leather for winter but they are a very transitional item. Leather will suit a more formal look, so make sure you abide by the standard rules of colour: brown and tan for for versatility and black for the more formal side of you.

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Suede lends itself though much more to a casual outfit especially in the summer, with a lighter material the look will pay dividends and leather the more structured look, either way your choice  should be based on what you will use your loafers most. And however you might like to stick to your old favourites, give these smart and good looking shoes a try, you might just be quietly surpassed just how versatile they are.

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