Skinny Love

Skinny Love


How often do you wear your jeans or trousers? And more to the point what’s your favourite style? It seems every girls fave wear pair is the perennial skinnies! These transitional jeans  or trousers will take you through the winter, where they will look stylish with any type of shoes, from winter boots, thigh highs, chunky ankle boots, flats and heels.

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Dress them up or dress them down from weekend shopping or with a silky top for a chic night out. These skinny jeans or trousers have been ubiquitous for more than a decade, worn by everyone from pop stars to celebrities, models and royalty! And what is the sect of their success we ask, it’s their versatility, and the fact that they can be worn at any age, trendy for the young, chic and glamorous for the maturer lady. And skinnies come in some amazing colours, from pastels, to brights, camo and jeans.

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Skinny jeans are such a convenient shorthand for youth and rebellion, with the coolest cuts, from zipped pockets to studs, the hottest labels, combining femininity and romanticism. But there are plenty of options for those of us who like to be comfortable as well as fashionable. Holes, bleach spots and frayed edges, soft, worn, borrowed-from-him looking styles are all the rage for girls. Super dark jeans or black skinny trousers, will always make you look skinnier.

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