Hoss Intropia AW14


 Hoss Intropia hails from beautiful Spain and was launched into the fashion world in 1994. A fabulous cosmopolitan company,  classic with an eclectic styling of vintage inspired accessories. Made for the woman who knows w]exactly what she wants, the AW14 collection is affordable and luxurious and there for the everyday chic woman.

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All designs are original and unique, and will touch every woman with it feminine edge, suitable for any and every occasion. The AW14 collection is wearable and elegant with rich tones of greens, burgundy, streamlined dresses in black, ranging from cocktail to maxi dresses, embellished with shimmering jewels that with shine long into the night.


From detailed fabrics and cuts ands prints there is something for every woman’s different personality, the bejewelled tops and cute knitted tops complete the Hoss Intropia AW14 collection presents a perfect wardrobe that is chic and should be incorporated in every women’s wardrobe this winter. This collection is fun, colourful, special  and very accessible.


Hoss Intopria say: “With every new collection we try to create an original, feminine product from varied inspirational sources, with a unique relationship between price, quality and exclusivity”

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