The Briefcase

The Briefcase


Nowadays it’s perfectly cool to take a briefcase to work inserted of a messenger bag or a folio. Once used by older men, who wore bowler hats and staid suits, the reinvention of the briefcase is on trend again. So unless for the past few years you’ve been living in statical seclusion, it’s no big surprise that these study workwear bags are back.

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The briefcase now has a great new modern twist, with an update to suit the younger generation, with sleek lines and a tailored look,  slimmer more defined with t losing that ‘briefcase look’  and designed to work with the tech-savvy men in mind. Briefcases are undeniably masculine, where as some mens work bags are critiqued for being to much like their girlfriends handbags,so these days briefcases are designed to take all you essentials tools of the trade, laptops, iPads, phones, papers, you name it and it will carry it.


So when you decide that you have the need to upgrade your business look and to purchase something smart to carry to work, don’t dismiss this simple, stylish functional and durable case that’s bringing back a great work tradition. The briefcase is a great example of looking good whatever you wear to work, it’s updated design with not only make you feel good, but stand you out from the rest of the work commuters.

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