Brunello Cucinelli – ‘King of Cashmere’ Scarves


As you know Brunello Cucinelli is the ‘King of Cashmere’ The former engineer started his business producing cashmere sweaters back in 1978, and his business took off almost at once with his innovative use of colour and cutting. Now his collections are pure luxury.  and add a touch of sophistication to any style.

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Brunello Cucinelli scarves are perfect for the main accessory for men this season. It’s a great way to add some layering to a workwear suit or casual weekend jeans and sweater. There is an elegant touch of style and elegant quality that comes when a man wears a scarf, it gives, if worn right n extra touch of swagger.

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One way to wear one is the Parisian knot, this knot looks great on a short leather jacket with a notch collar left down. On a very cold day, you can tuck the scarf into the jacket and pull the zipper up.or the once around knot if your in a hurry, for those brisk days when you need an extra layer. This is the most popular way to wear a scarf for those going to work or an evening out with a fitted jacket.


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