Tales of the Orient

jac-jagaciak4From kimonos to accessories, Asian-influence brings on the sex appeal. Designers looked East for Oriental inspiration and plundered a wealth of exquisite ideas. Beautifully brocaded kimono jackets, elaborate obi belts, cheongsam-style dresses in rising-sun red, and embroidery rich with oriental motifs. Judo jackets in hi-tech fabrics and graphic Chinoiserie prints in streamlined shapes feel decidedly urban and less ceremonial than in seasons past. With the autumn winter 2014 full of Eastern promise, dragons, orchids and exotic birds have fast become the motifs du jour.

jac-jagaciak2 jac-jagaciak1

But forget dressing top to toe in the trend and pick out a solitary statement piece instead. From embroidered bags printed with plumage to oriental dresses, quilted silks and fashion forward flatforms, add a Chinoiserie spin to your wardrobe with our pick of the best oriental influence pieces. Updating the grandiose fabrics with dishevelled locks and worn-in make-up, the maestro showcased the new way to work the trend. Follow suit and keep your accessories chic and sleek, and your hair and make-up artfully undone.

biancabeauty9 biancabeauty5

As the trend’s brocade, metallic and luxe fabrics lend themselves to eveningwear, translating the look for day time can be tricky. The gorgeous colours, exotic patterns, and smooth silks are just so alluring,as the East is just full of such rich history and beautiful tradition, and it shows clearly in this trend. Prints are the key to the current trend, wealthy brocades or straightforward written cottons, it doesn’t matter as long because the mood is exotic and therefore the theme is powerful. Even higher is taking prints and incompatible them dauntlessly.


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