Ready to go Grey?


How do you wear your grey suit, and more to the point what will you wear with it? Since you don’t want to spend a lot of money on suits of different kinds and colours, you probably want one that you can wear every once in a while. Let’s face it: too many men wear black because they don’t know what else to wear, but the grey suit is very flexible, but it works with both white shirts and black shirts and, if you want to go for a contrast colour, try wearing and experiment with some of the shirts that match, for instance, pink or purple.


If you want to wear your grey suit to the office, it’s casual colour than either navy or black, use understated accessories to give yourself an air of professionalism. The aim is for a sharp but subtle look. The way to get that office appropriate look is wear a crisp white shirt and a solid-coloured. If your suit is dark grey, go with an orange or red tie.

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If it’s a lighter shade, try navy or black. If your looking to wear the suit casually, it’s a great way to wear it as it’s so totally versatile. Dressed it up, down or turn it into something outrageous. There’s no other colour that offers this many options. For a night out, pair it with a black shirt, leave it unbuttoned at the top. Add some shiny black dress shoes and a black belt to finish the look.


Shop at Voi for your grey suit look.

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