Mens’s Accessories: The Man Bag


Accessories: Bags. It is hard to imagine today’s fashion world without bags. They are now also an important accessory for menswear, an everyday essential that they can take to work, to carry that all important laptop or iPad or just to chuck all your everyday essentials.


Call it a man bag, these bags are a great addition to any man’s wardrobe, and as summer draws to a close, bright and pastel colours are pushed to the back of the wardrobe as darker, richer tones in colour. Men’s Tote Bags are generally more suited to the summer seasons, so tote bags look set to continue their prominence throughout autumn/winter this year as well. This was due to a large backing from designers in the catwalk previews, who were pairing totes with everything from classic tailoring to thick outerwear and knitwear.

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Holdalls generally give off a very masculine vibe, and as such they look great when paired with classic masculine pieces, so  think shirts, suiting, tailoring and thick outerwear. Do you like your military or rocker look, then these man bags have inspired trends that are perfect for integrating a holdall, as the large bag produces balance to chunky complimenting footwear such as boots, as well as hard and edgy leather jackets. The selection of holdalls available these days leaves your options endless, although you cannot go wrong with a classic leather version.

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This should be seen as an investment for most young men, as this is a bag that you will use throughout your lifetime and never date. The leather will only get better with age, and will tell a story with each distressing and nick it takes on your world travels.

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