Rock & Roll: Leather & Studs


Love your rock and roll look? So, whether you’re just giving studs and leather a test-drive or are ready to charge full-speed ahead, these finds can make any outfit fit to ride in style. Want to be a rock star, or just love your studs. Small accents will keep your wardrobe updated while still being appropriate for your age. The stud resurgence, this season is a version is way prettier, much more sophisticated, and definitely far gentler on your wardrobe.

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Catwalks have been packed full of it, but in a a way it’s never really gone, it seems that the designers just can’t let go for adding the stud details to the women’s and mens clothes, shoes, bags, coats and dresses and even collars. Metal hardware is all over the runways, typically in the form of studs, spikes, and grommets. Celebs with an edgy fashion sense like Kristen Stewart and Demi Lovato have been embracing the trend for a while now, but even girls with a softer style, like Diane Kruger, are getting on board.

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This look is even hot for daytime. It is the perfect kind of fashion that will work at the office carefully and move into your nightlife for that evening. It’s the hardest working item of clothing you’ll ever buy: a biker jacket is the oldest trick in the book, but putting it on is still an instant rejuvenator. And a season of betwixt and between weather, celebrities are turning to the old staple to add a dose of rebel-without-a-cause cool to tired jeans and simple tees. Slouchy, casual knits and military style jackets are given skinny leather sleeves, and leather jackets are embellished with fur trims and linings: leather really is taken to another level this season.


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