Go Classic For Work


No colour, no problem: Classic is a great look for work as designers give black and white a fresh, modern makeover.  The black-and-white classic look has been popping up in several collections this season, adding sleek sophistication to the catwalk without fail.


Pattern play, couture detailing, geometrics and the graphic geometric pattern finds its clearest voice when played out in crisp black and white. For work, ditch brights and go for the sleek black and white classic look to give you a style promotion or utilise one colour for maximum flexibility. In your wardrobe, you probably have a the classic basic key colours that you need and if you feel you need to inject some colour, add a belt or a pop of colour with shoes, search around for little extras that will make you stand out.

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We can include grey here, too, teaming black trousers and classic shoes with perhaps a hint of pale yellow or pastel pink. Take the modernist approach to monochrome via angular tailored lines, unexpected layers, knife-sharp origami folds and a rigorously pared-down aesthetic. To take your black and white look to an evening event, jazz it up with a red or pink lip to contrast with the simplicity of the outfit.

Shop at Voi for the classic look



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