Compagnia Delle Pelli Men’s Leather Jackets


 The Compagnia Della Pelle Leather Jackets  are great for any weather or season, but  this brand’s leather jackets are ideal  for severe cold, warm but lightweight, chic but at the same time easy, designed for those who attend the harsh climates of the mountain but also the living rooms of the metropolis hot winter.


Compagnia Della Pelle’s say’s passion for travel and curiosity about alternative lifestyles to always be “on the road” to pick up new trends and synthesise them together with our experience. Choosing quality leather wear is by no means easy, unless you know about how leather is chosen, tanned and cut. Gabriele Peruzzi, of Compagnia Delle Pelli, an Italian leatherwear brand talks us through this. “This is not an easy one to explain” he says. “In fact, it is quite difficult, complex and – at the same time- fascinating. Certainly, when buying quality leather wear, we should always look for a soft touch. I would also look for hues and slight shades of tones in the colour, which is always a sign of good quality leather which has been naturally treated, though often these are considered blemishes.”

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Their main goal is to achieve the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, and to give our heads a contemporary appeal along with a timeless style.  A simple and classic black bomber jacket from the Italian leather experts at Compagnia Delle Pelli is a classic that should be in every man’s wardrobe.

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