It’s All Black & White

It’s still the season for that ever perennial black and white style. The monochrome look will be forever a classic colour combination, so line up stripes in 2014! Whether horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, black and white or in living colour, stripes make a graphic statement, day or night. The monochrome casts off its Sixties connotations for good, as designers give black and white a fresh, modern makeover. Designers love them because they can be re-interpreted and adapted to every passing fancy, and fashionistas are delighted to be presented with the results.

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Black & white stripes come in all forms: vertical, horizontal, zigzag, chevron, you name it. And though black might be deemed a more winter/fall palette, we know it emanates timeless versatility since it can be used as a base for exciting prints and bright colours. But, this season, black and white is trying to be fun, and to do that it has to subvert expectations. When in doubt, stick to smaller black & white patterns, rather than large graphics If wide stripes aren’t your thing, thin stripes are also in vogue this season. Versatile, timeless and easy-to-wear, the catwalk favourite looks like it’s here to stay for spring summer 2014


Other styles come in geometrics, cool and modern yet eminently wearable, graphic geometric pattern finds its clearest voice when played out in crisp black and white and pattern play. Pulsing from head-to-toe, mind-bending monochrome visuals inject high-impact glamour into easy evening looks.


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