Grey Days Ahead


What is the colour for late summer to autumn, probably camel you say, but now a new colour has become the star for 2014, and that’s grey. It compliments everything and can basically be worn with any other colour.  Muted gunmetal coats were lined with cooler tones while cloudy cashmere snoods and fuzzy gloves accessorised misty furs fused with contrasting dark leathers,  Stella McCartney showed tone on tone grey pinstripes on boxy sweaters, midi skirts and oversized coats.

d&g 2 d7g d& g

Dolce & Gabbana made grey sexy, by showing one reinvented power suit after the next in a warm version of the hue. Add shine to grey, either choose grey pieces with hints of metallic thread or sequins, or layer with a sequin or satin piece. For the most sophisticated look, pair grey with black or white. Or wear various shades of grey, layering dove grey and charcoal together. Add interest to grey with colours, jewel tones, ruby, purple, cobalt all look rich with grey.

grey office

Many women find the best way to wear grey is as a jacket or bottom, using colour in the form of a blouse or shell up close to the face for flattery. Grey can be playfully mixed with textures, patterns and tones to punch up the colour. For warm greys these shades contain yellow hues and work perfect to create a playful look. You can keep the balance by combining these hues with black, white and other shades of grey and for cool greys. Cool greys have an interesting shade of blue and  look astonishing fancy if you combine them with complementary blue shades, green or classic black. But grey is a colour that helps to create an elegant, yet fascinating appearance.


A colour that has an exuberance of warmth and comfort. A colour that keeps you in the forefront of fashion, A colour that makes any skin, height and body look amazing.

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