“Women are strong, women are visible – we are fighters” Prada SS147

Inside the magical world of Prada. Prada SS14 came in with pop art prints and structured shapes and just when you least expect it, Miuccia Prada gives you street art. Sporty accessories with ribbed ankle warmers, her  high heels had trainer shell toes and hiking sandals came poster-paint bright with added jewels.

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Titled ‘In the Heart of the Multitude’, it featured the work of four muralists and two illustrators selected by Miuccia Prada and New York based design firm 2×4. she doesn’t follow any fashion rules, just coming in with strong and bold ideas. Holding a long-standing mission to merge feminism with fashion. The ideas  are strong enough to sell more than every commercial piece.

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The shoes came in with Sunset brights reds, yellows,  blues and military greens all favoured in Prada’s collection. Miuccia Prada say’s “People should be beautiful in every way, in their faces, in the way they dress, in their thoughts and in their innermost selves”. Prada’s Spring 2014 collection was electric, fun, with an edge of prep. It was all about the strength of women’. Hockey socks, rubber shoes, and sportswear separates gave the collection a sports luxe feel.


Prada shoes from Shop at Voi


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