Rock your Floral Pants this Summer


 If you love the summer and want to be bright and on-trend then put a little spring in your step with floral trousers. Last year, it was all about delicate pastels, this time around, beautiful  blooms burst forth, and pale primroses clung to vibrant backdrops. Others seem to have been painted on with bold brush strokes, like a  paintings from famous painters, like Van Gogh.


From graphic floral to tropical prints, small flowers to minimlistic simple prints. Floral pants can range from dainty to edgy and are the perfect leg wear for the season. When you’re working with a whole lot of pattern on your lower half, it’s important to carefully consider the other aspects of your look. Keep the other parts of your outfit simple to avoid a really busy look, like a plain and structured blazer.

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Also another way to wear floral pants is to  pair them with a cardigan, or shawl, or if your off on vacation, then it’s going to be on the warmer side, add a cute cami and some wedge heels for a great night time look. For daytime, wear a simple necklace or a simple bangle but you can jazz up your pants for night time by including a necklace and or a belt. However you want to wear them it’s a great way to step into summer!


Rock your floral trousers from Shop At Voi


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