Black Lace: Fall in Love


One of the hottest and certainly the sexiest trend this season is black lace. Modern inspired lace is back, and fashion has fallen in love with lace – from sweetly pretty day dresses to sensual see-through gowns and blouses all over again. With a huge surge in delicate and totally feminine wedding dresses, going from traditional to almost sheer,  everyone now wants a piece of the action. The lace’s unexpected metamorphosis, a cross between the cut-out and the sheer trends, paints the future in bright and beautiful colours, reminding us that the best is yet to come. But one colour that has made a big impact is black.

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Going from sheer to super-sheer, this season encourages you to show a little more skin, while keeping things tasteful and super-stylish. The best way to do it is by playing upon contrast in pairing the light with the heavy.  It may seem counter-intuitive when you’re more concerned with pulling your parka out of storage during the winter months than shopping for little white lace dresses, but I’m here to tell you that lace can totally be cold-weather-appropriate!

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Really, lace has become season-less! The best thing about this femme fabric is that it looks fantastic with both statement accessories and bold beauty products. However you want to wear  this gorgeous look,  it’s one trend  and style a fabric that never seems to go out of fashion or a ladies wardrobe.


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