Add a Belt to Update your Style


Looking to upgrade your style? Well there is a simple way to make one outfit different every time you wear it, and that is by wearing a belt.  Sometimes, you don’t need anything else jewelry, scarves, etc. because a belt adds that well-put finishing touch to your outfit! Belts in simple lines and styles win the day because they’re versatile and won’t completely take the attention away from an outfit. So secure simple belts in solid colors and with minimal embellishments before you start buying the latest styles.  Leather belt and a loose-fit dress, meant that not everything has to sit high at your waist. Wear your belt loose and slung around your hips to give a shapeless dress an interesting, ’70s silhouette.

Untitled lpo

Wide belts and a body-con dress can sometimes a body-con dress can feel too revealing. Break up the line with a super-wide, corset-like belt as it adds a little eye candy to your look and a is perfect for creating a dramatic but fashion-forward look by trimming your waist for that Monroe-esque silhouette. Embellished belt and patterned skirt is great if your floaty skirt’s got a busy pattern, accentuate the chaos with an embellished belt.

90po 2

Not only does it keep the skirt in place, but it also gets in on the print-on-print trend without overwhelming the body. Belts really add shape to your outfit, which help avoid bulk and create a look that is more visually interesting. that a belt is the perfect universal accessory, great for day or night, at work and on the weekend.

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