Black Suits: Not Always Formal


Love you black suit? But is it a good color to wear to work or is it a touch too formal? Even a seemingly monochromatic pattern can be helped with a little color. The great thing about a black suit is that it doesn’t always have to be the complete package.

neal-caffrey-matt-bomer-white-collar-formal-black-suit style-in-kiev-russian-mafia-black-suit-bow-tie-red-pocket-square-580x873 home-of-menswear-dark-suit-black-oxford-hi-shine

Mix and match it with different coloured pants, or vice-versa and add a light colored jacket, change the colour of your shoes, it’s easy to start pairing pieces together or as separates with other items in your wardrobe. So whether you’re an office guy who needs to look sharp for board meetings, or a creative type who dresses up because he likes to, the black suit will be a great look as long as you wear the right accessorizes. Be creative and think outside of the box. Remember that the wrong color of shoes and belt can ruin even the finest black suit. Try and get your shirt, shoes and suit to co-ordinate and match,  it’s usually more important for your shirt and tie to match each other than it is for either to match your suit.

gucci-men-black-leather-briefcase-red-white-580x725 3-piece-tie-and-pocket-square-menswear

Because you can easily take your jacket off, while you’re stuck with whatever you choose to wear in terms of shirt and tie. So, if you have any say in the matter, try to prioritize your inner garments, rather than your suit.With a black pinstripe, lighten it up  with gentle hues of light blue and steel gray. With a black solid suit you have plenty of color options spaced stripes add an airy freshness to an otherwise conservative look.

what-fragrance-fictional-characters-wear ryan-gosling-velvet-suit-black

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