Red is the New Neutral


What do you think that the red colour is back with a firework bang, and taking over for that last season colour neutral? As one of the boldest of colours but also one of the colours that can be worn with almost anything, mix and matching it’s certainly the most versatile.

89 celebs

Red is is classed as a colour that gives you power, passion, anger, lust, romance and love and also romantic love. All the things that are quite opposite to neutral. Some designers this season have brought red in an  all American feel, combos made up head-to-toe patterns on 1960s-inspired jumpsuit. While the red colour trend references a back-to-basics approach, worn head-to-toe  in a a simple silhouette in a continuous solid colour or with accessory colour pops,  this trend is just ready to blow.


Sensual, feminine, iconic: red has won the accolade of all women and worn as the colour for decades, and in 2014, it is also the fashion colour of choice. Magazines and celebrities, from Taylor Swift to Selena Gomez, starlets pull out all the stops in red frocks and have certainly embraced the trend. It is used to neutralise other bold colours and fabrics to create looks that are attention grabbing but not so bold that they are distracting.

trousers 23

Wear against a neutral skirt, add a bright handbag, it’s  also perfect against black, blue and even green, but also a fabulous combination with orange and purple. Women everywhere take heed of this advice: red was the new black, but now it’s the new neutral.


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