Roberto Cavalli Celebrates Fall Accessories with “Psychotic Love”


In a flurry of mind boggling colours, the Roberto Cavalli ‘Psychotic Love’ fall 2013 accessories campaign is a satirical representation of a “of a strong and rebellious woman, on the verge of insanity”. The campaign is focused around the Hera bag and according to the label, as the story progresses, the stunning redhead who represents the character decides to leave “everything behind, but her “Hera Bag”.





The Roberto Cavalli fall 2013 ‘Psychotic Love’ campaign brings some imaginative and beautifully fashionable outfits, as a spectacular source of inspiration for women looking for glamorous ways to channel their inner vixen in the upcoming winter  months. This campaign is comes with sexiness and is as always with Roberto the key component of each handbag collections of accessories and clothes.


With beautiful bold tones, exotic skin textures, a great variety of interesting high impact motifs all manage to bring a dark yet incredibly seductive flair to the latest campaign. And staying true to the the typical Roberto Cavalli bold approach, the handbags focused heavily around luxe animal prints,  bringing in afresh look in eye-candy, in all shapes and forms. The new “Psychotic Love” ads by Roberto Cavalli unveil a modern approach to design with plenty of artistic touches thrown in.



Roberto Cavalli Handbags available at Shop at Voi



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