Darling: An Iconic British Brand


Darling: An inspirational and iconic British lifestyle brand, ultra feminine, vintage inspired and quintessentially ‘English’, company, that brings forward totally beautiful English Vintage looks. Getting married, then there’s no need for bouquets for your maids with applique floral clutches from Darling.

Untitled copy

Darling design this enchanted clutch perfect for the festive party season, easy to wear for any special occasion. The vintage inspired lace overlays adds a pretty and feminine feel to clutches that makes them perfect for your phone and money. And the clutches have sparkly clasp create a magical and vintage feel.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 21.28.41

But with Darling, it’s not all about the English vintage looks, it’s about the subtle design details in the clothing  and handbags that highlight an independent edge. As always Darling is staying true to its signature style of ultra feminine, vintage-inspired looks, combining timeless styles with contemporary details that inspires women with a spirit that reinforces individuality, confidence and passion  that is valued by the Darling retail network and worn with personal passion by the women who eagerly await each season’s new approach and exciting range.


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