Cufflinks – Wear Like A Boss

Love to wear cufflinks? Here are some etiquette tips for wearing them, whether socially or formally. Cufflinks are generally worn with most formal shirts. But did you know that Cufflinks were originally made for the formal wear for royalty and high-class men.


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But over the ages, the mens fashion has evolved and men’s dress codes have to adapt to the demands of current society. And with more men working in the formal sphere making cufflinks a very important element in completing any man’s overall styled look.

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Pieces of jewelry that are important every day for men, are watches, rings, and cufflinks. But the least important and least appreciated and probably the most neglected accessory is the cufflink. Watches are staple in men’s wear, rings, on the other hand, portray a man’s accomplishment and commitment. Black tie event? If you’re wearing a bow tie with your tuxedo you will want to wear all of the studs in your formal shirt.

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If you work in the city, you’re already privy on dress code in office. But Sometimes when you wear a suit and tie, the jacket can be removed while working but it’s not bad etiquette to leave the cufflinks at home. But have some fun with your cufflinks, they are there to catch attention, so wear them like a boss.


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