Loafers: Great  Shoes for Summer 


The loafer, the perennial summer shoe that every guy should have in his wardrobe. Loafers, are a more casual option of summer shoe and go well with denims, cargos, shorts and track pants. They come in all possible shades and styles and there is something for everyone to choose from, and loafers are just what you need to opt for if you want a more lightweight form of footwear Plus they go with shirts and t-shirts alike!


With just a little Italian flair and as such they suit a much more structured and formal style than perhaps other forms of summer footwear might. They will create a smarter outfit can be as simple as putting on a shirt in stead of a tee, or switching your jeans for chinos  and it is just as easy the other way around when you want to relax a formal look. With shorts, loafers should be worn without socks.


With pants, loafers should be worn with dark colored socks, and wear loafers with Bermuda shorts or chino shorts. Loafers are designed for summer so they’re acceptable at picnics or relaxed evenings out, One benefit of loafers is comfort so you can wear them as “in house” shoe! The choice for the shoe is immense with much variation in shape, style, color and form as any other type of shoe, so you are bound to find a pair that works for both you and your personal style.

loafer 2

Men often find difficulty in deciding whether to wear loafers with socks or without socks. It is definitely acceptable to wear these shoes without socks, it gives the person a preppy look. This look in fact very well suits individuals from affluent families or frat boys. When attending more casual occasions, it’s best to wear these shoes without socks. It is also worth remembering that because you have invested in a decent pair, they will last a lot longer than espadrilles or boat shoes.

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