Francesco Benigno: Beautiful Shoes for Men


Francesco Benigno are beautiful shoes, hand crafted and fine quality, manufactured in the heart of Italy. The founders, Francis and Louise have produced shoes since 1926, and today the family has a nearly century-old legacy of three generations of producers of shoes for men and even women.


The origin of the brand has a lot to tell about the beautiful features of the shoes. The Francesco Benigno have a quality that no machine can match, the brand has developed unique construction techniques and hand finishes using decades of expertise and artisan methods.

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The brand has succeeded in combining both the most beautiful colouring today and reasonable price together. Coloring technique Alba, as a Italian word, it means “sunrise.” was named after the beautiful daybreak at the bay. Also Tramonto comes from the silence at dusk of the bay. Then they go through hand-coloring of 3-4 colored of natural dye by ones of the most skilled workers. Each shoe has a production cycle of two days, time needed for careful workmanship before the shoe to goes on the market.

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This Spring/Summer 14 the Francesco Benigno collection focuses on timeless styles with a quirky antique finishes. These are not just any pair of shoes. These Francesco Benigno’s are leather and have fantastic stitch and perforated detailing that creates an eye-catching design and will work great for special occasions, or for a special man.


If you are looking for the ultimate in mens shoes, then get your Francesco Benigno shoes for day-to-night style from Shop at Voi


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