Brunello Cucinelli Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


The Brunello Cucinelli ‘Active Collection” showcases looks in a relaxed, everyday silhouettes levanted with exemplary construction and luxe fabrics. It’s an expensive brand, but with the Spring Summer 2014 collection, you can see the reason behind that.


Ease in casual style done with jeune-attitude, the great Italian label, more lesser known a hidden gem in the fashion world, was founded in 1978, Brunello Cucinelli is a farmer’s son who dropped out of university to make his cashmere jumpers, and  now living in a castle that overlooks the song-sounding village of Solomeo, where his factories are based.

brunello-cucinelli-2014-spring-summer-womens-lookbook-milan-fashion-week-show-italy-denim-jeans-cropped-slouchy-blazer-sweatpants-sheer-sporty-suspenders-checks-01x brunello-cucinelli-2014-spring-summer-womens-lookbook-milan-fashion-week-show-italy-denim-jeans-cropped-slouchy-blazer-sweatpants-sheer-sporty-suspenders-checks-03x brunello-cucinelli-2014-spring-summer-womens-lookbook-milan-fashion-week-show-italy-denim-jeans-cropped-slouchy-blazer-sweatpants-sheer-sporty-suspenders-checks-05x brunello-cucinelli-2014-spring-summer-womens-lookbook-milan-fashion-week-show-italy-denim-jeans-cropped-slouchy-blazer-sweatpants-sheer-sporty-suspenders-checks-04x

As only 400 people live in the village, it has grown with the company, and in it’s growth it has has recruited from other local towns to build a workforce of more than 600, who between them make every product in the Cucinelli range, from hats down to shoes. The women’s wear collection has it’s trademark cashmere sweaters, along with jumpsuits, and beautifully flowing silk trousers.

10ee6195e3836d22226c5b739b4aa428 brunello-cucinelli-2014-spring-summer-womens-lookbook-milan-fashion-week-show-italy-denim-jeans-cropped-slouchy-blazer-sweatpants-sheer-sporty-suspenders-checks-06x brunello-cucinelli-2014-spring-summer-womens-lookbook-milan-fashion-week-show-italy-denim-jeans-cropped-slouchy-blazer-sweatpants-sheer-sporty-suspenders-checks-02x

The colours are soft like spring in delicate shades of in muted but delicious shades of cappuccino and mushroom. And each piece that is luxuriously walked down the runway has unique detail, from tiny silver seed pearls on the turn-up of a silk trouser, perfectly fitting cotton sweatshirts worn with velvet soft suede trousers finished off with navy snakeskin espadrilles.

Brunello Cucinelli now at Shop at Voi


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