Prada SS14 Menswear


Prada SS14 is as colourful as it’s tropical paradise theme. In a long journey through 1940′s Hawaii to Vietnam for it’s 2014 menswear collection. High-waisted trousers, bomber jackets and wide lapel pinstripe suiting also featured .

SS14M-Prada-175 SS14M-Prada-133 SS14M-Prada-123 Prada-SS14_01

“Menacing Paradise” was the name given the painted façades that defined the show with, whilst the men’s was covered with floral prints and Hula girls adorning everything from shirts to knitwear and travel cases, palm fronds, sunsets. It was a very sultry and dark view of paradise, especially when colours took an even darker turn with deep burgundies and dark sunset prints.

Prada-SS14_13 Prada-SS14_05 Prada-SS14_38

The model men strutted down the a catwalk in tropical prints, silk shirts, and  generously tailored jackets and trousers.  As always, before the show had even started, Miuccia had surrounded the collection with an air of mystery.

Prada-SS14_17 Prada-SS14_31 Prada-SS14_36 Prada-SS14_45

The menswear collection nada style of oversized looks, with colours, shining through in   terracottas,  tobacco browns and vivid teal and oranges and yellow. Big graphic prints bringing in the Hawaiian looks. Prada loves a story and casual wear a touch of effortless, comfortable cool.


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