Moschino 2103-14

logoSome of the Moschino came across for 2013/14 in typical pinky tartan, showing just what influences the British have on today’s fashion. A huge trend for the season, which is a true a true ode to the United Kingdom.

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A Highland Fling Moschino’s, Rossella Jardini, a theme that corresponds surprisingly well to the aesthetic Moschino. The looks started with a truly Scottish feel with rich tartan fabrics as her main reference point, in dressage looks with little hats, sleek hairstyles and  a trio of models wearing bright red, blue and green shades of the prints. In handsome tailored jackets, classic kilt skirts and even bow ties.

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Tartan blazers and coats of arms, with an overused on tuxedo blazer and dress,  gorgeous golden emblems, embroidered fabrics. Showing that Jardini was keeping with her Italian sensuality with the cuts and styles were smoother and shorter. The brand shows a true highland feel in these regal tartans.



And finally with paisley fabrics in deep reds, the tartan plaid gave way to sleek and smooth graphic black and whites, closing with a long red flowing dress with an embroidered collar of red roses.


It is clear to see that Rossella Jardini is a designer to loves to who to mix colors, patterns, prints, embroideries and with this season she has succeeded in combining  these three influences to bring a truly vibrant look.

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