Are you looking for a bag that is timeless and your must-have for your lifestyle? Then Furla handbags are a must. Furla has created and manufactured Italian leather handbags, shoes and accessories since 1927, by the Furlanetto family  Based in an Italian villa in Bologna, and is one of the few remaining companies that is still family-owned.


And since then, the looks and styles have been expressed through the values of Italian craftsmanship, quality and timeless elegance. Each bag will tell a story, of how wonderful the Italians are are creativity. This Italian run company has made it big globally, with innovative fabrics that have given them a cult following from around the world.


The seasons come and go and Furla have managed to keep women waiting in anticipation to what the new styles will hold. Every new collection is exciting and it’s then that the women desires to have one, giving them an elegance and individual expression of their own lifestyle. Furla continues to evolve its classic rubber Candy bag, and also experimented with new textures such as fur and ponyskin.tenditrendy_furla_presenta_le_borse_dellautunno_2013_alla_milano_fashion_week_8617140098_7e3697e2ba_c


From the fur-covered Venus bag, With a new colored Candy bag, black&white stripes and color blocking here and there, to the Piper Lux tote and classic Candy bag, there is always something new that keeps  femininity and modernity  blended in a highly original balance, coming in with simplicity and innovation.


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